Artist Promotion Agency

About us

Artist Promotion is a private advertising and booking agency working in this area since 2005.

If you need help with organizing of concerts, events, ticket sales, advertising and promotion of projects in St. Petersburg, we will be glad to help you.

Main activities:

  • Organization and realization of concerts, concert tours across Russia and abroad
  • Russian and foreign artists booking for VIP events, presentations, concerts

We work only with classical, jazz, ethnic music, world music genres as well as recitals of Russian and foreign stars.

  • Development of individual advertising and PR strategies of upcoming show according to the budget and the nature of the project (outdoor advertising, internet promotion, media, radio, TV, social media)
  • Advertising texts, press releases, proposals, interview underwring for promotion and targeting
  • Identification and solicitation of media sponsors
  • Working with journalists at events
  • Control of upcoming media publications
  • Press clipping of published materials, TV and radio ads

As well as:

  • Video recording, production and editing.
  • Selection of archival photos and film materials
  • Production of original music for films, commercials, theatrical performances, presentations and other events
  • Design of posters, booklets, flyers and other print media.


Art events: advertising and PR support

  • International arts festivals: «Master-class» (2006-2010). «A message for offsprings» (lime-trees on Dvorstovaya square), centenary of academican D.S. Likhachev birth, June 1st, 2006; «Porch» project (2007 г., «Master-class» fund for arts support and housing comittee;
  • «City of masters», a children festival and  и charitable ball (June 1st, 2007, The Big Yard of Winter Palace, «Master-class» fund for arts support and social policy comittee of St. Petersburg goverment);
  • St. Petersburg carnival at Nevsky prospect (May 2008); Carnival in Tsarskoe Selo (June 2008);
  • International music festival «The Palaces of St. Petersburg» (2010-2013, May-June), International Music Festival «Petersburg embankments. Cycle 1. Promenade des Anglais «(2010-2012, November-December);
  • «Terem Quartet» group projects in St. Petersburg and Moscow (2001-2010), «Terem Crossover» Music Tournament: «Go for the sound!» (2010-2011, March). Terem world music festivals (2003-2008 гг., October-December); «Terem Quartet» annivesaries (15 years – 2001, 20 years – 2006 г, 25 years — 2011);
  • Press support for «Victor Shklovsky, Roman Jakobson. Life is like a novel» film; «Message to Man» festival — we won an award for the best scenario (2009).

  • Press support for «Anna Akhmatova and Arthur Lourie. Words and Music.» film (2010).
  • Press support «Message to Man» film festival (2012).

Scientific events

  • International congress of instrumentologists «Blagodatovskie readings», annual instrumentologists conferences and symposiums in RIII (1996-2012);

Sport events

  • Martial Arts Olympics «East-West» (2007-2012 гг., April); «Tai-Pen» taekwondo WTF tournament (2007-2009, October)

Concert tour organizing

«Swingle Singers» (UK, 2008), «The Real Group» (Sweeden, 2008), «Bratch” (France, 2008), «Loyko» trio (2009), Russian National Phylharmonic Orchestra, conductor: Vladimir Spivakov, soloist: Rene Flemming (2010), Montserrat Cabalie (2010), Al Di Meola (2010), Alexandra Balanescu (UK)  and Evelina Petrova (2011), Nani Bregvadze (2011), Alizbar & Ann Sannat (Hungary, 2012- 2013), Yana Ivanilova (Bolshoy Theatre soloist, 2011), Igor Butman and Didi Bridgewater (USA, 2011), “Take 6” (USA, 2012г), «Dobranoch», “Simba Vibration”, “Grad Quartet”, “Chizhik Quartet”, «Black rectange» group, Catherine Loriot and Sergei Petrov, Giampaolo Bandini and Cesare Chiacchiaretta duo (Italia), Natalia Orlova and others.

Artist meetings and theatre projects

Step-show theatre of Nina Vinnichenko (2011-2013), literature and threatre projects with Elena Vinogradova and Evgeny Belodubrovsky (2010-2012), Svetlana Kryuchkova performances (2010-2013), Rimma Markova (2013), Alain Delon (2013).



Phone: +7.812.951.48.18